I often get asked about what happens in a coaching session, and every session is different as people have different goals, directions, needs and challenges.  I tailor the sessions to maximise the impact to those individuals, but I do have a “toolbox” of techniques, questions, and processes I use to get the most out of the session for the client.

Coaching helps you to identify goals, dreams, and desires and then create action plans to achieve them.  Coaching can help you to clarify those ideas into realistic and achievable goals.  Creating the action plan is the critical factor in effective coaching, as well as being accountable in reaching set milestones.  The actual process of implementing the action plan can often bring up other areas or blocks that can be addressed in the next coaching session.

Everyone can benefit from coaching and you don’t need to be an elite athlete or CEO of a major corporation.  Coaching can help you to identify and release emotional blocks and limitations that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

The questions I use can be challenging at times for a client to answer because it identifies and highlights some of those limiting beliefs that you may have been holding onto for a long time.  Many beliefs are established when we are very young and we never really question them, but they often don’t serve us effectively when we get older.

Think about a goal, dream, task or activity that you will like to do and haven’t so far, and ask yourself these questions:

What would happen if you did this?

What wouldn’t happen if you did this?

What would happen if you didn’t do this?

What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t do this?

Why haven’t you achieved this so far?

What is the fear around this?

Why is it important for you to achieve this goal?

The overall purpose of asking these questions, is to start your brain thinking differently and thinking about possibilities and to initiate your inbuilt creativity.  When we think creatively, we can come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things that may have been illusive before. 

I recently had a client who was discussing his goals and we went through these questions and we were able to uncover a limiting belief that he couldn’t draw because he was told by a teacher when he was 8 years old that his drawings were terrible and he should draw any more.  After he was able to release that limiting belief, he enrolled in a basic drawing course and amazed everybody with his talent.  This just goes to show that we do need to question our beliefs to see how relevant they are to us in our present day.

So, if you’re feeling stuck and want to kick start your personal development growth, start asking yourself these questions and become aware of what emotions and thoughts come up.  Highlight where you feel you can’t do something and dig deep to uncover the real reasons why you think that.  Has that belief come from something that happened many years ago and is not correct today?

Well, there’s a little insight into what you might experience with coaching with me.  If you would like to experience one on one coaching, send me a message, call or text.  I am here to help you to reach your full potential.

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