Have you ever started something and lost motivation and just gave up?

I know I have – that was until I developed this simple 5-step process.

My results instantly surprised me and I have shared this many of my clients and friends.

Habits help you to create the life you truly desire by developing routines and putting those important things that are going to move you forward in life on auto pilot. Once habits become routines, they don’t require effort. It’s easy and success comes quickly.

Remember, what you do and what you think, creates your reality. So, if you’re not happy with where you are at the moment and want to move forward, mastering habit building is essential for your success.

Developing solid habits will help you to achieve more, be more, and do more. Don’t confuse this with being busier. You want habits that are smart to streamline your activities and prioritise those important tasks.

Mastering habit creation is essential for personal and career growth.

Before you attempt to start any new habits, review these five steps:

  1. Get Clear. What is your Why factor? Why do you want to create this habit? What is it going to do for you and how is it going to make you feel? What is the emotion associated with developing this habit. What is the ultimate goal? What are the benefits of mastering this habit?
  2. Get Simple. Start with a small easy habit (that may be part of bigger goals/habits that you want to create). Once you master that habit and it becomes routine, add to it. Research suggests that creating big complex habits or multiple habits lead to feeling overwhelmed and abandoning the attempts quickly.
  3. Get Started. Write down the habit you want to create and master. Schedule a time in your diary and be very protective of that time. Get moving fast. When your alarm goes off, get into action immediately. When I want to go to the gym early, as soon as my alarm goes off, I get out of bed immediately before my brain starts all the negative talk about how I could go to the gym in the afternoon or tomorrow, or how I could stay in bed for another 30mins. Get moving immediately
  4. Get Accountable. Find a partner to help you keep accountable and on track. Its important to surround yourself with positive people who are going to keep you motivated and uplift you. Beware of the dream squashers. How are you going to overcome excuses and remove temptations?
  5. Get Doing. Whatever your habit goal is, do it daily and at the same time every day. Keep a success journal with your progress and achievements. This will help to maintain your motivation when you can see how far you’ve come. Reward yourself for those successes (make them appropriate)

Whatever you goals and habits are, you are certainly worth the effort in creating long lasting habits that move you positively forward in life.




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