There is an important concept I love talking about with my clients and at my workshops called the Cause and Effect Equation of Life. Imagine being able to see two sides to your life and the lives of the people around you.

On one side is the Cause side and on the other side is the Effect side.

The Effect side is where the world is unfair, there are excuses for everything – I can’t get ahead because I never have enough money, I didn’t get the promotion because the boss doesn’t like me, or I’m too old to be able to do that. This side has a list of excuses and reasons why they are not living the life they truly desire. This is victim mentality – it’s not my fault. It’s always someone else’s fault or something out of their control that is creating the life they are in.

The opposite side of the equation is the Cause side. On this side are people with the belief that they need to take responsibility for achieving what they want, they take the action and make things happen. This side is about results and people view obstacles and challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. They understand it is about choice, responsibility and accountability.

The wonderful thing about the Cause and Effect Equation is you can choose which side of the fence you sit on right now and start changing your life in a positive way.

Here’s a few ways to get to the good side:

  1. You must take responsibility for everything that has happened in your life and everything that will happen. Everything is a result of your thoughts and actions. Everything.
  2. Acknowledge and accept that you have always have a choice in the things you do and how you respond. Your choices and decisions make your future.
  3. Catch your thinking. What are you thinking about right now? Are your thoughts moving you in a positive direction forward or are they full on negativity? Choose what you want to think about.
  4. Move from negative to positive – see the positive in every person and situation and make this into a habit.
  5. Make things happen. Take action and be responsible for those results.
  6. Write down your goals and create an action plan for each of them. What do you need to do to achieve those goals
  7. Read more books, listen to podcasts, and watch useful presentations such as TED Talks. Educate yourself with positive uplifting information. Use your time wisely (turn off the TV and gaming devices)

You have the choice which side of the equation you sit. Being on the Cause side will help you achieve more, be more in flow with life, and definitely attract more good into your life. You are certainly worth it.


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