It’s not your fault that you think, act and behave this way….up until now!

How we think, act and behave is almost an automatic response that most of us have never thought about when or where it came from.  Our responses come from reactions to bits of information our brain receives, both internally and externally.

We process millions and millions of bits of information every second – things we are consciously aware of such as noise, voices and sounds we hear, images we see, scents we smell, and flavours we taste, through to the significant number of bits of information we are not consciously aware of like our blood pressure, position of our bones, muscles responses to maintain our gait or to walk, our body temperature, nervous responses to sensations, hormones circulating through our body, those sounds we don’t actively hear but are still being registered.

If we were consciously aware of every bit of information we were receiving every second, we wouldn’t be able to cope –we would be overwhelmed and overloaded.  To prevent this overload, our subconscious brain does a number of things to reduce it down to 5-7 things that we can cope with.  It does this by Deleting, Distorting, and Generalising those sensory inputs, then applying filters to that information, and it is those filters, which is the topic of this discussion.

The filters are things like beliefs, values, previous decisions, attitudes, and memories and most of these have been formed by the age of 7.  As a child, we absorb every bit of information and experience from around us.  Where does this information come from?  Predominantly from our parents, guardians, or those most around us during the 0-7 age.  Children also gain those experiences from family and friends, school, media, technology and culture.  The internet is having a significant impact on the children and their learning experiences.

So, now that we know that most of our beliefs, values, previous decisions, and attitudes are created at this young age, it is understandable that often we don’t understand why think or act a particular way in response to a certain situation.  Next time you are having an argument with a loved one, think about your responses – are they logical or are they childish?  Often it is the 7 year old You running the show.

Does this mean that all of our beliefs, values, decision, attitudes and memories are set in place and can never be change, since most of us have been operating from them since we were 7? No, those filters can be changed easily and permanently, especially with the help of  Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP).  Coaching and NLP can help you to identify those out dated filters and create new filters which will serve you better and move you forward to a better and more fulfilling life.

So, your filters, which you created when you were 7 years old, have brought you through your life to this point and it really hasn’t been your fault if you are not in the position you truly want or desire.  However, now that you are aware of your sometimes outdated filters, you have the choice to make new ones and create the life you really want.

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John Venning is a qualified holistic coach specialising in helping clients release deep-seated blockages and accelerating their success.  Having spent over 30 years in healthcare from nursing, paramedic and massage therapy, John brings a wealth of real life experiences to your sessions that will rapidly transform your life.


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