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Breakthrough Holistic Coaching

Breakthrough Holistic Coaching

Breakthrough Holistic Coaching will transform your life.  You will start making meaningful choices, develop new skills and positive habits, align beliefs, thoughts, and values to create personal change and move you forward in your life. Coaching will help you make lasting change, better relationships, and self motivation.

Holistic Coaching is an advanced form of Life Coaching, which uses tools and techniques from life coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and Energetic Healing to create instant and profound results.  Processes will transform your life by removing limitations, blockages, and reshaping thoughts, allowing you to achieve significantly better results.

One on One Coaching conducted via face-to-face in (Brisbane), Skype or phone sessions. The coaching program includes:


  • 5, 10, or 20 hour structured programs
  • Hourly rate available (optional)
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire
  • Program workbook for between sessions to keep you on track
  • Meditation/relaxation audio
  • Goal setting process
Accelerate Your Success Workshop

Accelerate Your Success Workshop

Would you like to discover how you can tap into the power of your unconscious mind?  Are you ready to find out how you can:


  • Release your money sabotage?
  • Release past limitations
  • Design your ideal life
  • Discover how to create balance, success and prosperity
  • Rediscover passion, purpose and meaning

Tap into the power of your unconscious mind and discover the tools to transform your reality! Not only will you get to release past limitations during this two day program, you will be given the tools to powerfully design your future. This workshop combines techniques and life coaching tools that will enable you to create lasting change in your life. Learn ancient metaphysical secrets to discover how easy it is to make your life happen.

This weekend workshop is designed to give you:


  • Clarity to design the future that you want
  • Opportunity to give up your excuses
  • Empowerment to do what it takes to make it happen
  • Rapid growth to accelerate your ability to achieve
  • Emotional balance in your approach to life and business
  • A weekend of healing, releasing and re-creating your life
Total Life Transformation Home Study Program

Total Life Transformation Home Study Program

This eight (8) series program targets each life area, helping you make amazing transformations by learning what your limitations and sabotages are, releasing them, and creating new thoughts and habits.  You will be guided over eight weeks through a webinar and a workbook in a step-by-step process designed to maximise your breakthroughs, creating an action plan, as well as participating in guided visualisation.  The program is delivered conveniently via email and allows you to watch and complete your workbook at your own pace.

The Topics Include:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Business/Career/Study
  • Relationships/Family
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Development
  • Goal Setting
  • Stress Management/Relaxation
Overcoming Stress Coaching

Overcoming Stress Coaching

There are 2 main types of stress: good stress and bad stress. When the body is in a constant state of stress, then physical and psychological impacts can effect the body in an adverse way.

Coaching to help you overcome and manage your stress involves short, frequent sessions to help you identify your stress triggers and then to develop tools to manage them.  Amazing results can happen very quickly.

Overcoming Stress Workshop

Overcoming Stress Workshop

At this full day workshop, you will learn all about the triggers for stress, how it affects the body, the types of stress and which ones are good for you.  You will also learn lots of practical tools for managing stress for yourself and family/colleagues.  You will leave the workshop feeling confident and also very relaxed and peaceful.  This workshop can be adjusted for the workplace as well.

Overcoming Stress Free Webinar

Overcoming Stress Free Webinar

Managing stress can be a simple process once you know some practical tools.  In this free webinar, you will learn all about the triggers for stress, how it affects the body, the types of stress and which ones are good for you.  You will also learn some practical tools for managing stress for yourself.  This is a great way to experience how to overcome stress.

Focus on what's important

Managing Stress 12 Week Home Program

This 12 week program takes you on a wonderful journey of awareness, action, choice and relaxation.  Each week you will learn new tools to manage and overcome your stress as well as experiencing deep relaxation, through a short webinar delivered directly to your laptop or mobile device.  They are designed to allow you to start and stop each webinar so you can take notes to gain a deeper understanding on how stress and stress management impacts you personally.  The accompanying workbook adds an additional layer of learning in this program.

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