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Accelerate Your Success Workshop

Accelerate Your Success Workshop

Would you like to discover how you can tap into the power of your unconscious mind?  Are you ready to find out how you can:


  • Release your money sabotage?
  • Release past limitations
  • Design your ideal life
  • Discover how to create balance, success and prosperity
  • Rediscover passion, purpose and meaning

Tap into the power of your unconscious mind and discover the tools to transform your reality! Not only will you get to release past limitations during this two day program, you will be given the tools to powerfully design your future. This workshop combines techniques and life coaching tools that will enable you to create lasting change in your life. Learn ancient metaphysical secrets to discover how easy it is to make your life happen.

This weekend workshop is designed to give you:


  • Clarity to design the future that you want
  • Opportunity to give up your excuses
  • Empowerment to do what it takes to make it happen
  • Rapid growth to accelerate your ability to achieve
  • Emotional balance in your approach to life and business
  • A weekend of healing, releasing and re-creating your life
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