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Success Workshop

Do You Feel This Way?

  • Need to get back on track?
  • Not happy with job, relationship, health, finance or social life?
  • Confused, stressed, feeling lost?
  • Lacking motivation or focus?
  • Outside circumstances controlling your life?
  • Feeling Overwhelmed?
  • Wanting areas in your life to be different?
  • Feeling Unfulfilled?
  • Wanting to take your life to the next level?

How This Weekend Will Help You:

It can transform your life. You will start making meaningful choices, develop new skills and positive habits, align beliefs, thoughts, and values to create personal change and move you forward in your life. Goal setting will help you make personal, lasting change, growth, and self motivation.

You Will Gain:

  • Clarity to design the future that you want and desire
  • Opportunity to give up your excuses forever
  • Empowerment to do what it takes to make it happen
  • Rapid growth to accelerate your ability to achieve your goals
  • Emotional balance in your approach to life and business
  • A weekend of healing, releasing and re-creating your life
  • A Weekend of Awareness

You will get to release past limitations and receive tools to powerfully design your future and move you forward in a positive way.  Check out the videos of some of past participants.

Workshops are run regularly throughout the year and in different cities. Our facebook page will keep you updated with the latest workshop dates and locations.

Facebook: RebalanceSuccessCoaching

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Book Now For The Next Workshop (Early Bird Registration)


“John took me on a great journey to find my true self.  We took down barriers I never knew I had giving me much assurances and great outlook on what the future holds.  Enjoyed the session, feel clear and excited” 

- Stephen

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feedback from our clients


“John is a masterful coach who has been very supportive in guiding me through personal change this year.“

- Belinda

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feedback from our clients


 “John is a natural healer – his ability, personality and spirituality is definitely on a higher level.  John has a well-balanced aura and makes you feel instant calm when touched.“

- Jason

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Rebalance your life and accelerate your success


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